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Name: Slendytubbies: They're coming DEMO (2016)
Category: Horror
Submitted by: Sergerado
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Version: Demo (2016
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   Hi everyone! I guess you have heard about "Slendytubbies: They're coming" game before. It's like a spin-off of Slendytubbies 3, I mean, a game with a different plot, different characters etc. Now the game is is active development and we even have  trailer on Youtube (Link below).
   We're trying to make a good graphics, new gameplay, an alternative plot etc.
   And also we have an old demo made in 2016 (almost 2 years ago). It is old, sometimes laggy, and after its release we changes "Slendytubbies: They're coming" a lot of times (you can see the difference between trailer and the demo). But as here is possible to put a fan-games, I decided that you would enjoy the demo and now I'm showing it up to you Smile
   I hope you would enjoy the game and if you do, you can join and subscribe us on Youtube Smile
   Thanks for playing in advance! 

Link to the trailer:


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Today, 11:59 AM
 esta vien shido Wink

Today, 12:12 AM
te llamas sergerado o te copiaste del juego el juego fue hecho por hostgame NO TUYO  Angry Angry Pancake

Yesterday, 06:27 PM
hola,cuando saldrá el juego?

Yesterday, 04:08 PM

Yesterday, 03:35 PM
¿habrá skins personalizables? Pancake