Slendytubbies II v2.2 UPDATE
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Slendytubbies II has been updated!

Slendytubbies II v2.2 has been released, 
This release includes many bug fixes and the ability to login to your ZeoWorks account. 
You must update to the latest version in order to play online.

Click here to download the latest version now!

For custom Slendytubbies skins, Click here.

Happy gaming! Smile

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Yees Big Grin
AWESOME! Surprised
Pink textures again...
Big Grin
(02-28-2017, 09:48 PM)Shadow Wrote: Pink textures again...

Unfortunately this is due to your GPU not being powerful enough.
cool :3
 [Image: rjeC21z.png]
YES.  Big Grin
[Image: giphy-downsized.gif]
YEEEHH! Big Grin
[Image: 2ltfwq0.jpg]
thanks you
In the previous version my pc could not open the game, but now I can play.

I speak Spanish in case I am wrong to write.
*RogelioRed* Confused

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