Behind Slendytubbies
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01-06-2013 11:57 AM Post: #1
Sean Online
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Behind Slendytubbies
Slendytubbies was made by only 1 guy, me. My goal was to try to prove that demons, monsters, ghosts, killers .etc in gaming are not the actual devices that cause fear, but scare factors themselves such as random popups and jump scares. So, I made a horror game with many jump scares with the most harmless characters known to man (the teletubbies). If you get scared while playing this, then it proves that it doesn't matter what character you are up against in a game, if they have scare factors, you'll surely jump. Showing that other horror games shouldn't be feared any greater than this one. It is not the "horror" character you fear, it is the scare factors.

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